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Untitled River Painting (Wansbeck).jpg


Narbi Price is a painter

He was the Journal Culture Awards Visual Artist of the Year 2018, and the winner of the Contemporary British Painting Prize 2017. He was featured in Phaidon's Vitamin P3 - New Perspectives in Painting and was a prizewinner in the John Moores Painting Prize 2012.

He has recently completed an AHRC funded PhD at Newcastle University in partnership with Woodhorn Museum.

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"Qualities of skill and imagination, as well as a sympathetic feel for the ordinary, make Narbi Price’s pictures eerily noticeable. One is a rendering of bare earth on municipal grass. It appears photographic but up close it jumps into a completely different dimension, becoming dancing loose dots and blips, free of any representation whatsoever. Even once the painting’s double nature is absorbed, it is hard to comprehend how on earth he did it."

Matthew Collings, Evening Standard, June 3rd, 2019

Work is available, unless captioned with 'Private Collection' or similar.

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